At 1st Class Tyres & Autocare we stock exhausts to fit the widest selection of vehicles. All exhausts carry a guarantee.

The exhaust system is one of the most hard working components on your vehicle. It is constantly in use whilst the engine is running. An exhaust system on most vehicles usually comprises of four sections:

  • Manifold
  • Front Down pipe
  • Centre Section
  • Rear silencer box

Also on all vehicles registered after 1993 a catalytic converter is fitted. The most common section to become defective is the rear silencer as moisture gathers inside the box and attacks the metal. Corrosion from the inside results in holes, which causes the exhaust to blow. A defective exhaust will mean the vehicle fails the MOT test.


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We have a variety of exhaust packages in stock and available to order to suit all budgets and cars. Need more information? click here to send us a message and we will call you back, or alternatively give us a call on Lutterworth 01455 559007. All Our exhausts come with a 2 Year Guarantee.

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