Where your vehicles brakes are concerned, you cannot be too careful. If you are experiencing any problems whatsoever with your vehicles brakes, please contact us immediately so that we can investigate the problem free of charge and give you a no obligation quotation.

It is imperative that you perform regular checks on your braking system as its no secret that they are any vehicles most promenent safety feature. Doing so can identify a problem before it even begins to effect the efficiency of your brakes which then provides you with the opportunity to take the necessary restorative procedures to return your vehicles braking system to its intended operating performance

Things to look out for:

    • Brake warning indicator lighting up
    • Brakes making a strange noise
    • Brakes just aren't feeling right

What we will do

  1. We will give your vehicle a free complete brake check, report any defects and quote you on any replacement parts required.
  2. We only use top of the line braking components such as Apec Brakes, one of the industries leading makes, at very competitive prices.
  3. The quotation you will receive will include all the parts, the labour involved as well as the VAT, (so no hidden extras or surprises!)
  4. All our brakes come with a  12 month or 12'000 mile warranty, on any braking components.

If you would like a quotation please give us a call on 01455 559007 or call into the centre for a free, no obligation check.